A Dream Store: Glossier

When you think about Millennial Pink color, one brand popped up in your mind: Glossier. Founded by the brilliant Emily Weiss, Glossier expanded very quickly as a cult favorite for many makeup enthusiasts and grew bigger and bigger each month into a contender in the beauty industry. I am, have to admit, one of the biggest fan of Glossier. You can guessed, I have bought all of their products (except their sunscreen, Solution and Body Oil). You can name it: I have three of their Haloscope, all colors from Cloud Paint, Boy Brow (holy grail!) and their heavenly Glossier You fragrance that recently just won an award.

I would have to say that Glossier is one of the pioneer of using social media effectively and they succeed. Their social media community is so strong that it boosts their name into somewhat credible in the beauty world. Imagine this, Glossier have expanded their line from only just skincare and makeup to body wash and fragrance in just 4 years. Can you believe that?? It was a brilliant move that they have their own social media team. I was awe-struck when Glossier personally DM me in Instagram just a few days ago. It was a clever move indeed.

With the success and the online presences, they pretty much changed the game by opening two showrooms in United States. Being an avid fan, I’ve got a chance to visit their newly opened LA Showroom (not just once but twice!). It was the very first time that I have to queue to enter any store. It is like those queues that you’ve always see on any luxury stores in Hong Kong. Somewhat it felt different and relaxing. You could hear the loud music banging on the street and as you can imagine the exterior is all pink. The sign is pink and the walls are pink. You are greeted by a sales assistant that gave me a pump of the Invisible Shield.

Once you’ve entered the room, it was like you’ve expected. The interiors are very simple and the smell is divine. There is this center piece big concrete table that displayed all of the products and you can try them as much as you’ve liked. I saw a lot of girls did their full face makeup there. To be honest, it was very Glossier of them to do that and all of the weeds surrounding the room was very California feeling. Though, their services really reminded me of Apple. Once you’ve know what to order, you have to asked the sales assistant and they will put your order and pay via their iPad. They will also called your name for your order. It was quick, fast and to avoid any queue on the cash register. You’ve also receive a tote bag that is especially made for the showroom.

Other than the pink interiors and theme, they brilliantly hanged a lot of their campaign to boost out the mood of relax and natural feelings. Once you get to the back of the room, there is the famous room, yeap, the replica of Antelope Canyon inside. They had me queue just quite a bit and let me in. It was nice since they let us in separately so we had our ten-second of selfies in front of the “G” logo mirror. You could also hear the canyon’s real sounds that they pre-recorded and the lights were intentionally a bit blue that the usual. So, it was interesting and creative to focus on the ambience and think about their consumer’s moods to sway on how they shop.

I thought that Glossier nailed it on building their own showroom, as they called it. It really represents the brands and their products and mostly importantly, their customers. Though we might have to wait a little more once the boom ended, I have no doubt that this will be one of the popular store on the block (well, Mansur Gavriel’s store is two blocks from this store..You’ve never know).



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