To all of those mothers out there,

Written during the pandemic era..

Necklace: BY/DJO

My body changed after being a mother and I started to feel not as confident as before. I felt like I “lost” myself. Instead of fighting with the “what if”s, I have decided to come at peace with myself and embracing all of those changes: cellulites, extra skins and extra weights, those black eyebags, scars and stretch marks. These beautiful scars are the remnant that I gave birth to someone else onto this world and be proud of myself. We, mothers, are warriors and we always support each other.

2020 as many of you know have been a pretty something year for anyone. This ravaging Covid-19 virus has just occupied our daily life. We had to adjust and reevaluate on what is important or not. As for me, 2020 is a blessing in disguise. I was pregnant at the…

Crying will not help you in life

Photo: State Photography

When I was little or even in my teenage years, I would avoid problems then ducked out and cried myself during any type of problems. Whether it is about money, quarrels or anything and that branded me as an “Oversensitive” person. Added…

The start of the year 2020 has not been good to anyone around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic really does affects to anyone from the unemployed to employed, married, single or any businesses. The word “Social Distancing”, “Physical Distancing” and “Lockdown” have been heard daily from news or any kind…

The year of seeking fulfillment.

While 2018 was the year of introducing Scandinavian cultures: Lagom, Hygge, etc. This year I see a lot of people dealing with happiness. With the increased amount of stress on the ongoing strain in the economy (trade wars and slow global growth), hiking expenses and…

The preparations of wedding in Indonesia.

When it comes to planning, I am your to-go person and this year, I am planning for my wedding day and it was hectic as hell. Disclaimer: Wedding in Indonesia is a BIG DEAL. A party that only happens once in a lifetime has…

Summer is starting, and so does the collaboration collections..

As I am still an avid consumers for local brands, I have noticed a trend: How local brands are utilizing their market in the same strategy. That same strategy I noticed from a month ago. There are brands that bombarded my…

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